Canadian Film Pilots Association
We've all heard the term "Casting Call" well this is ours.  The Canadian Film Pilots Association has been organized by Dave Tommasini of Four Seasons Aviation to provide an independent resource to showcase individuals and services related to film and video productions, specifically aerial filming.  Our goal is to develop an extensive database of highly skilled Canadian professionals in various supporting categories as an informative resource available to producers, managers and decision makers in the motion picture industry.


Canadian Connection

The Canadian Film Pilots Association is dedicated to providing the film industry with the best in the business.  Canada has a wealth of professionals with experience, talent, vision and enthusiasm to accomplish the highest level of film productions.  Gathering together all the elements associated with film making will allow quick references and immediate access to those who will facilitate all your requirements.

Aerial Camera Systems






Becoming a Member

To become a memeber simply complete the Detail Information Sheet along with a  description  of your services or products that are beneifical in production of film making.

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